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Portfolio Disclosures-Personal Portfolio

The Personal Portfolio represents Jodie Warner and David Lerman’s actual investments in the health care industry. As we contended in our inaugural edition, we commit our own funds to invest because we believe the healthcare sector offers opportunity for profit (although it carries risk of loss of capital as well). While many of the constituents have been held for years, the portfolio may be subject to change at any time depending on market conditions or the business/economic conditions of the underlying companies held. When the editors decide to buy or sell various stocks in the personal portfolio or mention the potential to buy or sell in the future (at lower or higher prices), it is in no way to be interpreted as investment advice. The reader should seek out appropriate investment counsel in order to determine if investments are consistent with the readers risk appetite and financial situation. Investing in the stock market whether it be healthcare or any sector can be profitable, it can also lead to serious and permanent loss of capital.